Soon MPs will be voting on how Britain will be leaving the EU. When they vote, they can decide to let voters have the final say. Over the last few months, voters have started to shift in their opinions. Lots of people, especially those people who haven’t been following the debate closely, have started to tune in and they are nervous about how the Brexit process is going.

Now that the vote in Parliament is coming up, those ‘swing’ voters need to hear directly about what's at stake. We need to go door-to-door, bypass the media, and have conversations directly with the people who are starting to shift away from Brexit. Those people need to hear about the chance for voters to get the final say.

HOPE not hate and Best for Britain know that a bad deal Brexit would be terrible for the communities already suffering from economic loss and low standards of living. We know that a bad deal Brexit will create a fertile breeding ground for the far right. We know want to campaign across the country in the run up to the parliamentary vote letting ‘swing’ voters know what the stakes are, and encouraging them to tell their MP to give everyone in Britain the final say.

We have been able to identify the streets where Brexit swing voters are most likely to live and we are producing dozens of localised leaflets so we get the right messages into the right houses.

If you are worried about Brexit and what the public to have the final say, then sign up and get campaigning in a street near you.